Current Conditions in Webster, NY
Cloudy @ 10/21/2016 9:54:00 PM
Feels Like: 50°F
UV Index: 0.0 Low
Visibility: Unlimited
Humidity: 92%
Dew Point: 42°F
Pressure: 29.41 inches and steady
Wind: Northeast at 4 mph
Precipitation: None
2015-2016 Snowfall:0"
Updated: 10/22/16 at 4:51am EST

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Forecast for Webster, NY

The forecast is currently unavailable.

Morning:Changing to light drizzle and overcast skies with winds from the northwest at 18 mph and gusts up to 28 mph.
Afternoon:Overcast and light drizzle with winds from the northwest at 18 mph and gusts up to 28 mph.
Evening:Overcast and light drizzle with winds from the westnorthwest at 22 mph and gusts up to 37 mph.
Overnight:Overcast and light drizzle with winds from the westnorthwest at 22 mph and gusts up to 37 mph. Turning fair with winds from the westnorthwest at 13 mph.
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Current Conditions Around New York State
Albany:50°F and Light Rain Mist
Buffalo:43°F and Overcast
New York JFK:57°F and Overcast
Penn Yan:43°F and Overcast
Saranac Lake:41°F and Overcast
Syracuse:43°F and Overcast
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Daily Almanac
High Temp
45°F at 12:00am
Low Temp
44°F at 3:28am
Normal High / Low
57°F / 39°F

Record High Temp
82°F (1979)
Record Low Temp
23°F (1940)

Peak Wind Gust
24mph at 1:40am

Total Precip.None

UV Index High
0.0 at 12:00am

Sunrise / Sunset
7:34am / 6:16pm

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Weather Radio KHA53 Rochester, NY
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Monthly Almanac
High Temp
80°F on 10/18/16
Low Temp
37°F on 10/14/16

Normal High / Low
60°F / 42°F

Peak Wind Gust
27mph on 10/8/16

Total Precip.4.06 inches

Yearly Almanac for 2016
High Temp
93°F on 8/12/16
Low Temp
-5°F on 2/14/16
Average Temp

Peak Wind Gust
45mph on 1/10/16

Total Precip.23.28 inches

2016-2017 Snowfall0 inches
Average Seasonal Snowfall100.3 inches

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